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Outlook: DRC Doctor Helping Victims of Rape

Sakharov prizewinner Dr Denis Mukwege from the DRC, helping the thousands of women who'd been raped during his country's civil war; Dorico and Cabocolo Pereira Alves, fighting to protect the Lear's Macaw in Brazil; writer Clare Allan on her acclaimed satire of Britain's mental health system; Young chef - turned Swiss Guard - David Geisser

Outlook: I Had A Baby With An Undercover Cop

Jacqui: The woman who had a child with an undercover policeman; Su Baw: A friendship between a Burmese refugee and her English teacher; Souad Massi: the Algerian singer-songwriter; Sam Sarkar: The businessman who got himself shot in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of his bullet proof vests.

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