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A military coup in Sudan

Coup leaders dissolve the Sovereign Council and impose a state of emergency.

South Sudan hit by worst floods in decades

Nearly half the country has been inundated by rains linked to climate change.

Sudan's huge pro-democracy demos are back

Pro-democracy activists are back on the streets to support a civilian-led government

Ethiopia: Renewed air strikes on capital of Tigray region

Thousands of people have been killed in Ethiopia as conflict continues in Tigray

Ethiopia: TPLF counter offensive

Latest reports on the conflict reaching the north of the city of Dessie

Sudan protests expose ‘worst and most dangerous’ political crisis

The military and civilians have been sharing power since Omar al-Bashir’s overthrow

Anti-apartheid veterans arrested after ministers held hostage

Minister for the Presidency, Defence and a deputy were held hostage on Thursday night

Military deployed to quell eSwatini school protests

Transport workers have now joined the student demonstrations

Ecowas parliament discuss banning presidential term extensions

The West African regional parliament wants a review of protocols on good governance

ICJ rules on Kenya-Somalia sea border dispute

The disputed part of the Indian Ocean is thought to be rich in oil and gas

The widow of Thomas Sankara on the opening of the trial in Burkina Faso into his killing 34 years ago.

Fourteen men go on trial accused of killing the former Burkina Faso President

Nigeria’s army rescues abandoned captives

Nearly 200 people who had been abducted in Zamfara state, were abandoned in a forest

Tanzanian-born novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah wins Nobel prize

Abdulrazak Gurnah wins Nobel Prize for Literature for his portrayal of colonialism

Google announces $1bn investment in Africa

Google’s $1bn pledge is the biggest investment by the US tech company in Africa

The UK has unveiled a new treatment for Sickle cell disease

Sickle cell disease affects blood cells and can cause organ failure and constant pain

Kenyatta family's secret assets exposed by leak

The Kenyan president and six family members are linked to 13 offshore companies

Nigeria Twitter ban to end 'if conditions are met'

President Buhari's team is in talks with Twitter to agree on conditions of use in Nigeria

Zambia's debt nearly double than previously reported

Zambia reportedly owes China six billion dollars. Almost double than previously reported

Tunisia's president tasks a woman to form new government

Engineer Najla Bouden has been tasked with forming a new government

Guinea junta releases roadmap to civilian rule

Junta members will be barred from standing in elections

Port Sudan protests disrupt oil supplies

Sudan government has found an agreement partially ending disruptions in Port Sudan

Guinea: Civic society in talks with military junta

Guinea Coup leader Colonel Doumbouya holds meetings with religious and political groups

Guinea coup: opposition welcomes ousting of Condé

Guinea's main opposition leader has welcomed Sunday's ousting of President Alpha Condé

Zambian President Hichilema inherits 'empty treasury'

President Hichilema's supporters are expecting him to make sweeping changes

Nigeria: Gunmen free kidnapped schoolchildren

The children were taken from an Islamic school in Tegina, Niger state

Judges reject president's appeal to change Kenya constitution

It comes a year before the next presidential election

Uganda to host 2,000 Afghan refugees on US request

Many citizens are fleeing after the Taliban takeover

Burkina Faso: Compaore to be tried over Sankara assassination

Blaise Compaore faces a military trial, accused of involvement in his predecessor’s murder

Millions face hunger in Somalia

Low rainfall and destructive locusts leave Somalis facing acute hunger

Tanzania’s new president charts new Covid-19 course for the country

Tanzania's new President Samia Suluhu Hassan plans to set up a special COVID-19 taskforce

2020 Review: How has Africa handled the big challenges?

African specialists look back at the past year and express their hopes for 2021

Africa Today: Highlights from 2020

Africa Today looks back at some of the inspiring stories that made us think and smile

Kenyan officials accused of Covid-19 corruption

Kenyan officials suspected of stealing money meant for medical supplies face prosecution.

US sanction former Gambia first lady

The United States has slapped sanctions on former Gambia first lady Zineb Jammeh.

Cameroon army launches operation in North-West Region

Cameroon’s security forces have launched an operation to restore security in Bamenda.

Ugandan Minister charged of attempted murder

Deputy Minister of Labour Mwesigwa Rukutana remanded in custody on murder charges.

Global leaders call for free coronavirus vaccine

African leaders join call for a free coronavirus vaccine

Burundi orders WHO officials to leave the country

Burundi gives World Health Organisation staffers 24 hours to leave the country.

Lesotho records first coronavirus case

Lesotho became the last country in Africa to record a coronavirus case

Zambia closes Tanzania border as COVID-19 cases surge

Over 80 new coronavirus cases have been discovered in Nakonde

Malawi Supreme Court upholds Presidential poll nullification

Malawi Supreme Court has upheld the nullification of last year's presidential elections

Madagascar conducts mass Covid-19 tests.

Madagascar conducts mass coronavirus tests in its worst hit area.

African countries lift coronavirus restrictions

Some African countries have started lifting coronavirus restrictions

South Africa government outlines plan for COVID19 recovery

South Africa government outlines stimulus for recovery from the effects of coronavirus

Thousands arrested in Morocco for Covid19 violations

Thousands of people have been arrested in Morocco for violating coronavirus measures

Cameroon government admits military involvement in civilian deaths

The Cameroonian government has admitted involvement of its military in civilian deaths

How a dip in global oil demand is affecting African countries

A dip in oil demand around the world is having big effect on Africa's countries

Coronavirus in Africa: Your questions answered

A special podcast where we put your coronavirus questions to the W.H.O.

Climate Change Strikes in Africa

African children and activists protest the dangers of climate change around the world

Detained Nigeria Shia leader to be freed to travel abroad for medical treatment

Supporters of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky have staged weeks of protests to demand his release

Ethiopia Airways crash latest.

A day of mourning in Ethiopia following the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Jobs jobs jobs

How can Africa create the millions of jobs needed for a growing population?

Voter Registration Day in Nigeria

Voter registration in Nigeria; Merkel in Nigeria; equality for South African Muslim women

European Leaders Continue Charm Offensive in Africa

European leaders set stalls in Africa; Nigerian security; Soweto; fishermen and condoms

Europe's Leaders on a Charm Offensive in Africa

Europe's leaders in Africa; Germany returns Namibian skulls; uproar over a TV ad in Kenya

Soldiers in Uganda Caught on Tape Assaulting a Journalist

Ugandan soldiers assault journalist; a year of BBC Pidgin; Wenger gets award from Weah

Zimbabwe Awaits Election Results

Zimbabwe - Results expected; five banks merge in Ghana; Congolese opposition hopefuls

India to Open 18 New Embassies Accross Africa

BRICS meeting in South Africa, Zimbabwe elections; Eritrea's changing political landscape

Military Chiefs Escape Attack in Cameroon

Cameroon's military brass escape attack; UN embargo on South Sudan; Bio, 100 days

Kenyan Lawmakers' Taxpayer-Funded Visit to Russia

Kenyan lawmakers in Russia; the long shadow of Ebola; the multicultural roots of the ZCC

EU Leaders Agree Deal on Migration

EU leaders' agreement on migration; Ghana's electoral boss sacked; Resident Presidents

Ghana Imposes Ban on Tilapia Fish Imports

Why has Ghana banned tilapia imports? Ebola in the DRC; deadly fire in Nairob

South Sudan's Leaders Meet

South Sudan talks in Addis; Eritrea and Ethiopia's peace overtures; Tunisia law reforms

The WHO Lists Snake-bites as a Global Health Priority

Snake-bites a WHO priority; Dutch company claims Teff ownership; Kassé Mady Diabaté

Dam Burst in Kenya Kills Tens

Hundreds homeless in Nakuru where dam bursts; a shortage of HIV medication in Liberia

Fire Rages in Nairobi Suburb

Thousands left homeless after fire in Lang'ata suburb in Nairobi

African Migrants Told To Leave Israel

Israeli government orders 34,000 African migrants to leave or face imprisonment.

Kenya Election Watch: Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga

Dickens Olewe wraps up our special podcast series with a rare interview

Chibok Girls: Three years after

Almost two hundred students are still being held by Boko Haram.

Wednesday, 17th August 2016

South Sudan's new Vice President Taban Deng Gai addresses key issues in the country

Wednesday, 10th August 2016

Ahead of tomorrow's elections Zambian civil society groups call for a free and fair vote

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

Running battles in Zimbabwe; local elections in South Africa; Malian music sensation.

Monday, 18th July 2016

HIV infections still the leading killer of African children aged 10 to 19.

Tuesday 14th June

Health experts warn of very serious levels of under-nutrition linked to obesity.

Wednesday, 25th May 2016

UN warns billions could starve as extreme weather changes poison food crops