BBC Radio Podcasts from A Point of View: A Point of View: Clive James

A Point of View: A Point of View: Clive James

Clive James: Clams are Happy

Following the death of Clive James - one of his first talks for "A Point of View".

Talking About Their Generation

Clive James reflects on the human condition and the need for liberal democracy to spread.

Clive James: Option Swamp

Clive James vents his frustration at automated customer systems.

Hermie's Ghost

Clive James reflects on the media coverage of man-made global warming.


Clive James warns of the dangers of a new plan for calculating funding for universities.

Spirit of the Game

Clive James reflects on the spirit in which sport is played.

Blog de Jour

Clive James reflects on the revelation of the identity of Belle de Jour.

The Man on the Fourth Plinth

Clive James celebrates the honouring of Sir Keith Park with a statue in Trafalgar Square.

High Road to Xanadu

Clive James reflects on the seductive allure of illegal narcotics.

On Strike

Clive James reflects on the postal workers' dispute.

Clive James: The Golf Ball Potato Crisp

Clive James reflects on the importance of scepticism in every walk of life.

Newsflash from the Far East

Clive James reflects on democracy, MPs' expenses and the Oxford Poetry Professorship.

Feminism and Democracy

Clive James reflects on the global responsibility of feminists in the west.

Expensive Mistakes

Clive James reflects on democracy, MPs' expenses and the Oxford Poetry Professorship.

Sheer Poetry

Clive James wonders what the Poet Laureateship says about the British attitude to poetry.

London Underground

A weekly reflection on a topical issue from Clive James.

Britain has Talent

Clive James wonders about the progress of feminism.

Reputational Damage

Clive James reflects on the resignation of the Prime Minister's senior aide Damian McBride

Bright Side of the Cane Toad

Clive James makes a case for the Cane Toad.

High-Priced Porn

Clive James gives his take on the adult film industry.

The Speeding Judge

Clive James' take on the downfall of Australian judge Marcus Einfeld.

New Year Prediction

Clive James reflects on the end of the get-rich-quick era.


Clive James reflects on life after the grave and Shakespeare's beliefs.

It’s a Wrap

Clive James reflects on the burden of wrapping presents.

National Identity

Clive James explores the question of national identity.

Writers Room

Clive James is relieved that his office is not featured in the Writers' Rooms exhibition.

Glamourising Terror

Clive James argues that the film version of history is in danger of replacing reality.

Bad Language

Clive James turns his attention to swearing.

Robin the Hood

Clive James argues that the days of mindless Hollywood action are over.

Changing the Government

Clive James reflects on the significance of the word 'election'.

How Rich is Rich?

Clive James gives his take on yachts, the US election and James Bond.


Clive James explores the world of the political gaffe – past and present.

Snoop and Amy

Clive James reflects on why gifted artists become hell-bent on destroying their talent.

Instructions to the Sea

Clive James turns his attention to political intervention and Robert Mugabe.

Legal Dilemmas

Clive James on what governs the decisions about who we keep out and who we keep in the UK.

Right on the Money

Clive James turns his attention to the Royal Mail’s decision to redesign the coinage.

Terminal Terminal

Clive James on mobile phones on planes and the disastrous opening of Heathrow Terminal 5.

Pedal Power

Clive James sets a David Cameron cycling faux-pas in an unexpected historical context.

State of Law

Clive James discusses the virtues of a court decision about a man and a grape.

Private Life

Clive James on the collapse of private life and the publishing of emails and phone calls.

Princes into Battle

Clive James delves into history to reflect on Prince Harry's time in Afghanistan.

Clams Are Happy

Clive James on what makes us happy, a watermelon memory and Lawrence of Arabia.

Click on the Icon

Clive James considers the role of icons ancient and modern, focusing on film icons.

Desirable Devices

Clive James condsiders how to deal with plastic bags, hip hop music and shopping trolleys.

Smoking the Memory

Clive James on how he, reluctantly, became a non-smoker. Today he only dreams of smoking.

Harry Potter Envy

Clive James considers the physchological condition ‘JK Rowling Envy’.

Helplessly Advanced

Clive James reflects on the conundrum of living in a technologically advanced world.

Wimbledon Wisdom

Clive James enjoys the wisdom in the commentary of former Wimbledon tennis champions.

Glider Shoes

Clive James on the secret of hapiness and children's shoes with wheels in the heels.

Reflections on a Diamond Skull

Clive James gives his personal reaction to Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull.

Man-Made Beauty

Clive James reminds himself of the need to celebrate the good things in life.


Hoaxes work – and that’s a good reason for not liking them, says Clive James.

Torture on 24

Clive James considers torture and whether TV dramas encourage its use against terrorism.

Black Destiny

Clive James on the extra burden we risk placing on highly successful young, black Britons.

Going for Gold

Clive James criticises the high spending planned for the London 2012 Olympics.

Because She’s Worth It

Clive James takes a wry look at the world of the paparazzi.

Nob Voices, Yob Voices

Clive James comments on the way we speak English today and on a new noisy voice.

Flying People, Flagrant Piffle

Clive James reflects on the martial arts movie and meaningless violence.

Fidgets on the March

Clive James rails against changes to the names of things we rely on.

The Mind’s Construction in the Face

Clive James on what drives people who don’t obviously need to to alter their appearance.

Attack of the Wheelie Bins

Clive James reflects on man-made climate change from the standpoint of a sceptic.