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A New Life in Europe: The Dhnie Family

Episode 25: 'I started to see his true identity'

The children share how they feel about their parent's split

A New Life Revisited: The Dhnie Family

Manveen Rana revisits the Dhnie family to hear how they feel about their new life.

Episode 24: Trapped between German laws and Syrian norms

The family reveal the reason behind the separation of the parents

Episode 23: Things have unravelled

The family announce some shocking news.

Episode 22: 'I don't want a marriage with a German man'

Whilst her father seems isolated in Frankfurt, Alma contemplates love in a cold climate.

Episode 21: 'They are angry now, they don't want you'

The family see German attitudes towards refugees changing

Episode 20: 'I will make Syria more like Germany'

The family begin to question their plans for the future.

Episode 19: 'When the war ends, I will go back'

The new life for the family in Frankfurt falls short of their expectations.

Episode 18: 'Now you’re safe. It’s your new house'

The family leave the refugee camp but are disappointed by their new home

Episode 17: "It's all going so well..."

Three months on, tensions are rising in the refugee camp

Episode 16: "Three months in Frankfurt"

The ups and downs of life in Frankfurt for the Dhnie family

Episode 15: "We want to live happy now"

The Dhnie family reflect on their new life in Frankfurt

Episode 14: "They've arrived in Frankfurt"

The family are held in Hungary before a final sprint across Europe

Episode 13: "I think the police got us"

The family cross the border to Hungary

Episode 12: “I’m losing it…”

The family wait for their papers in Serbia but the lack of sleep is beginning to hit them

Episode 11. "They were so kind with us"

A warmer welcome for the family in Serbia

Episode 10. Charging across the border

A riot breaks out and thousands - including the family - storm across the border

Episode 9: A journey to change my life

The family spend a night sleeping in a field near Macedonia's border with Greece.

Episode 8: Walking in the dark to Macedonia

The family travel north through Greece towards the Macedonian border

Episode 7: "No-one would think that police in Europe would do that"

The Dhnie family continue their journey - trying to board a ferry to Athens.

Episode 6: The Dhnie family make it to Greece

The Dhnie family make it to Greece by boat from Turkey.

Episode 5: Plan B - Walking to Europe

The Dhnie family try Plan B - crossing the Turkish border by land

Episode 4: "A lot of the countries don't want you to come"

Back in Izmir waiting for a boat to take them to Greece but starting to think of a Plan B

Episode 3: "There was no one who knew how to drive the boat"

The family survive a failed attempt to sail to Greece.

Episode 2: Preparing to sail to Greece

The Dhnie family prepare to sail to Greece

Episode 1: "Everyone deserves a better life"

The Dhnie family have arrived in Turkey from Jordan in search of a route to Europe