BBC Radio Podcasts from You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

You, Me and the Big C: Putting the can in cancer

About Debs Recording Live From The Chemo Chair

Steve and Lauren check in with Deborah from her hospital chemo chair.

About Getting Men Talking

Steve Bland talks to Joe Bellman, Danny de Brabander and grief expert Jenni Thomas OBE.

About Hitting Rock Bottom

Deborah James is joined by fellow stage four’ers Emma Campbell and Darren Roberts.

About Deborah’s 13th Operation

Debs speaks with the team about the latest changes in her cancer and the complications.

About The Fear Of Recurrence

Lauren sits down with her mum, Tina, who is 31 years on from her own cancer diagnosis.

About Nightbirde, Homework and Speculums

Debs, Lauren and Steve are back together to talk headlines, geeks and share your stories.

About Intimacy and Sex After Treatment

Lauren is joined by relationship psychotherapist Miranda Christophers to answer your Qs.

About Deborah and the Organoid

The team get an update on Debs' latest, discover what organoids are + discuss Motherland.

About Love, Grief and Cancer

The difficulties of finding love again and facing an uncertain future with loved ones.

About Cancer and Covid

Dealing with cancer treatment and diagnosis during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Turning The Mics Back On

Deborah shares her treatment update and the gang reveal new plans for the series ahead.

About Trying To Find The Positives In 2020

Deborah, Lauren and Steve finish the year by hearing listeners' positive stories of 2020.

About Surrogacy

Three very different stories of surrogacy and cancer from Kreena, Sophie and Laura.

About Sex and Cancer

Your Qs about the emotional and physical impact of cancer on sex answered by the experts.

About Skin Cancers

Wayne Jaffe, Medical Advisor for Melanoma UK, joins Debs, Lauren and Steve on #YouMeBigC.

About Pancreatic Cancer

Consultant Medical Oncologist Dr Naureen Starling and Cariad Lloyd join #YouMeBigC.

About Supporting From Afar During Lockdown

Living apart during lockdown: GBBO's Steph Blackwell and her dad join #YouMeBigC.

About Lung Cancer

CRUK's Chief Clinician, Professor Charlie Swanton and Joanna Heard join #YouMeBigC.

About The Goodbye To All This Podcast

Internationally acclaimed audio storyteller Sophie Townsend chats with #YouMeBigC.

About The Future Of Cancer Detection

Dr David Crosby, CRUK's Head of Prevention and Early Detection Research joins #youmebigc.

About Female and Male Breast Cancer

Dr Zoe Williams is one of the many guests helping mark Breast Cancer Awareness month.

About Cancer Treatment and Covid-19

#YouMeBigC look at where we are in terms of cancer treatment and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gamechangers: Grief

The co-founder of Untangle Grief and Grief Kid join #YouMeBigC to talk about their work.

Gamechangers: Mobile Cancer Care

#YouMeBigC find out about mobile cancer care units with a patient, nurse and chief exec.

Gamechangers: Leanne Fisher

Leanne Fisher joins #YouMeBigC to discuss running a small charity and all its challenges

About Panorama Part 2: Behind the camera

Fascinating insight from the Panorama team on how 'Britain's Cancer Crisis' was made.

About Panorama Part 1: Kelly's Story

Kelly Smith talks to #YouMeBigC about her treatment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gamechangers: Leanne Pero

Leanne Pero, founder of Black Women Rising, joins us after originally recording in March.

About the Mental Heath Impacts of Lockdown

Psychotherapist Leyla Hussein joins #YouMeBigC to discuss mental health and lockdown.

About the Impact of Coronavirus on Cancer

CEO of CR UK and consultant oncologist join #YouMeBigC to discuss the impact of Covid-19.

About the World Cancer Day Takeover

#youmebigc takeover Sarah Brett’s late night 5 Live radio show on World Cancer Day.

About The Best Friends

Lauren, Steve and Deborah speak one to one with their best friends about cancer.

About The Year

Debs, Lauren and Steve take a look back at 2019 and catch up with some good friends.

About The Legacy

Special guests join #YouMeBigC to discuss what they’ve done in memory of their love ones.

About The Proton Beam

#YouMeBigC visit the Christie to find about the UK’s first ever NHS Proton Beam centre.

About Male Specific Cancers

Newcastle Falcons' Johnny Williams and Prostate Cancer UK's Meg Burgess join #youmebigc.

About The Technology

NHSX CEO Matthew Gould and Careology founder Paul Landau join #youmebigc to talk tech.

About The Gynaecological Cancers

Including Eve Appeal's Athena Lamnisos, author Dr Anita Mitra and comedian Karen Hobbs.

About Cancer on Coronation Street

How are cancer storylines covered on TV? #youmebigc visit Coronation Street to find out.

About The Second Opinion

In-depth discussion about the process and fears of asking for a second medical opinion.

About The Primary Care

Everyone’s cancer journey is different but we all start in same place... Primary care.

About Dating and Relationships

Good, bad and life-changing stories of dating with cancer shared with the #youmebigc team

About Remembering Rachael One Year On

A year on from Rachael’s death, hear previously unheard clips and significant pod moments

About The Rare Cancers

BBC newsreader Kate Williams, Jack Morgan and Dr Paul Huang join the #YouMeBigC team.

About Your Questions – Part 2

Lauren, Debs and Steve answer more of your questions on cancer and nothing is off limits!

About Your Questions – Part 1

Lauren, Debs and Steve answer your questions on cancer and anything else you sent in!

About Putting Life On Hold

Andrew Strauss, Lorraine Kelly and Helen Addis discuss putting life on hold due to cancer

About The Fundraising

Larry Lamb, Bill Turnbull and many more, speak to #YouMeBigC at the Marsden March.

About Recurrence

Talking recurrent cancer with Emma Campbell and a cognitive behavioural therapist.

About Representation

Breast Cancer Now CEO joins #YouMeBigC team to discuss the errors in a recent campaign.

About the London Marathon

The adventures of Steve Bland, Eastenders and Bake Off in a #YouMeBigC marathon special.

About The Operation

Lauren Mahon and Steve Bland join Deborah James at the Royal Marsden for her operation.

About The Update

No guests, but a quick update from the #YouMeBigC team.

About Child Cancer

Vicki Woodall, Tierney Kinsella & Dr Julia Chisholm join #YouMeBigC to talk child cancer.

About The Food

#YouMeBigC gang are joined by special guests to talk food and diet when you have cancer.

About The Book

The gang discuss the challenges Rachael faced writing in the final months of her life.

About Palliative Care

Kris Hallenga, Kathryn Mannix and Adrienne Betteley join the #YouMeBigC team this week.

About The Hope

Debs and Lauren visit the Francis Crick Institute to explore hope in cancer research.

About Cultures

Deborah and Lauren explore how different cultures and communities view cancer.

About Exercise

The benefits of exercise pre and post cancer are discussed by experts and the team.

About Cancer At Christmas

Deborah James & Lauren Mahon are joined by Steve Bland to talk about cancer at Christmas.

About The Loss

Steve Bland joins the girls to talk publicly about the loss of Rachael for the first time

About The New Normal

In Rachael’s final podcast with Deborah and Lauren they talk about the 'new normal'.

About Our Rachael

Deborah and Lauren talk about Rachael’s final days and pay tribute to a special friend.

About The Pain

A consultant in pain medicine joins Rachael, Deborah and Lauren to discuss cancer pain.

About Dating and Intimacy

The girls discuss how cancer has had an impact on dating and intimacy with their partners

About Death

Actor Greg Wise joins the girls to discuss why people have problems talking about death.

About The Future

Medical professionals from The Christie & Royal Marsden talk future of cancer treatment.

About The Friends

Rachael reveals some bad news and the team talk about friends' reactions to their cancer.

About The Alternatives

Jules Peters and a Cancer Research UK nurse join the girls to talk alternative therapies.

About The Doctors

John Hartson and Rachael’s surgeon join the team to talk relationships with doctors.

About the Nearest and Dearest

Emma & Jonathan Agnew join the girls to discuss the impact of cancer on your loved ones.

About The Money

Macmillan expert shares tips on dealing with financial pressures of living with cancer.

About The Body

The #youmebigc team talk about the effects of cancer on the body

About The Kids

Olympian Steve Parry joins #youmebigc as they talk about fertility and their children.

About The Positives

Linda Nolan joins #youmebigc to talk about the positives of cancer.

About The Chemo

The #youmebigc team talk about their experiences before, during and after chemotherapy.

About The Head

The #youmebigc team talk about how battling cancer can affect your mental health.

About Us

Meet the #youmebigc team. Rachel, Deborah & Lauren tell you their cancer stories so far.

#YouMeBigC: Rachael’s story

"Weird soreness... wasn't even in my breast" : Rachael talks waiting rooms and diagnosis.

#YouMeBigC: Deborah’s story

“There's nothing pink about my cancer, it's just brown!” : Deborah on her bowel cancer.

#YouMeBigC: Lauren’s story

“Does that feel normal to you?” : Lauren Mahon talks finding a lump on her breast.