BBC Radio Podcasts from A to Tsar of Russia with Adrian Chiles

A to Tsar of Russia with Adrian Chiles

A - Aeroflot, Arbat and Authoritarian Regimes

Adrian Chiles & guests take their first look at the history, culture and life of Russia

B - Borscht soup, Banya and Sergei Baltacha

Adrian Chiles & guests continue their canter through Russia's varied life and culture.

C - Comedy, Cheburashka and Cyrillic Alphabet

The mysteries of Russia explained - including how the 33-character alphabet works.

D - Duch-less, Russian Dance and Dachas

Adrian Chiles & guests take you through some of the more unusual aspects of Russian life.

E - Eggplant, Moscow Exhibition Centre and Eisenstein

Pet Shop Boy Neil Tennant explains how the band made the music for an Eisenstein film.

F - Fandorin, Faberge and FSB

The legendary stories of Faberge eggs, KGB-successor FSB & a famous fictional detective.

G - Gastarbeiter, Russian Girls and Golubtsy

Adrian Chiles, Olga Makarenko & comedian Igor Meerson hook up to talk all things Russia.

H - Hren, "How Are You" and Haringey

Adrian Chiles with his take on Russia - including why Russians love Tottenham Hotspur.

I - Internet, Ivanovo and Izvestia

Think you know Russia? Think again. Adrian Chiles & guests with their unusual facts.

J - Juice, James Bond and Russian Jazz

Adrian Chiles and guests with their quirky take on what you need to know about Russia.

K - KVN, Kvas and Kaliningrad

A Russian comedy TV show revealed - and the venue for one of England's World Cup matches.

L - Lenin and Lev Yashin

Two legendary Russians: the leader of the Revolution and the world-famous goalkeeper.

M - Moscow, Metro and Dmitri Mendeleev

The amazing stories of the Russian capital, its ornate underground & legendary inventor.

N - The Nineties, Tsar Nicolas II and Nizhny Novgorod

Adrian Chiles, Olga Makarenko and comedian Igor Meerson explore famous aspects of Russia.

O - The Orthodox Church, Off Licences and Oligarchs

Is Roman Abramovich an oligarch? How popular is church? Adrian Chiles has the answers.

P - Pessimism, Presents and Russian Pop

What are Russians really like? Adrian Chiles and guests discuss everyday life in Russia.

Q - Queuing and Queen Catherine The Great

The infamous exploits of Catherine The Great revealed by Adrian Chiles and guests.

R - Rap, Rasputin and Romance

Adrian Chiles explores the culture and history of Russia, host of the 2018 World Cup.

S - Snow Maiden, Subbotnik and Smirnoff

Adrian Chiles & guests explore Russian culture ahead of the 2018 World Cup

T - Traffic, Tolstoy and Tsar

Adrian Chiles, with Olga Makarenko and Igor Meerson, conclude their look at Russian life