BBC Radio Podcasts from A Podded History Of Devon

A Podded History Of Devon

Margaret Partridge - The powerhouse who built powerhouses

The story of a pioneering Devon electrical engineer.

Devon's Fortune Fabric - Mrs Treadwin's Lace Manufactory

RAMM volunteers Liz Trebble and Carol McFadzean on lace livelihoods, royalty & smuggling,

A Less Than Dickensian Devon Christmas

Dr Todd Gray on the demeaning practice of "gooding" in 1870s rural Devon.

Fairies, Demons and Folk Medicine – Devon’s Male Witch

Professor Marion Gibson from the University of Exeter on John Walsh - a 1500s Witch

Behind Enemy Lines - a WW2 story of love, espionage and tragedy

Devon author Chris Robillard with a tale of spies killed behind enemy lines.

Wounded In Action - Devon's WW1 Hospitals

Turning 66 sites across Devon into functioning wartime hospitals with Dr Julia Neville.

Joanna Southcott - The Exeter Prophetess

The Devon domestic servant who had a cult following of more than a hundred thousand.

Over Here - The American GIs in WW2 Devon

Love, segregation and military manoeuvres in wartime Devon with Dr Harry Bennett