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Addicted to Sex

Episode 6: Here comes the Science bit...

Sangita Myska speaks to a neuroscientist about whether sex addiction really exists.

Episode 5: Bingeing on Porn

Sangita Myska talks to village GP Ash who locks himself away for days to binge on porn.

Episode 4: The Fallout

Sangita Myska meets Mandy who discovered her husband had a secret life for over 20 years.

Episode 3: When Two Worlds Collide

Sangita Myska speaks to Michael who lived as a sex addict and a ‘family’.

Episode 2: The Search for Intimacy

Sangita Myska meets Paul, he’s slept with a thousand people but not with anyone he loves

Episode 1: Sex and Ultimately… Violence?

Sangita Myska meets Neila, who feared her porn addiction could get another woman hurt.

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Sangita Myska meets the men & women suffering from porn and sex addiction.