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Forest 404

S9: Bonobo’s Theme

Our final soundscape, a full playout of the Forest 404 theme tune composed by Bonobo.

T9: Love Letter to the Forest...

A love letter to the forests of the world. Written by David Haskell, read by Pearl Mackie

Ep9: Enigmata

Daria escorts Pan to The Convocation. An era has ended. Can, or should, a new one begin?

S8: The Memory Transfer

A soundscape for Episode 8. Theia’s memory of her daughter, used for the brain transfer.

T8: How will humans die out?

A talk for episode 8, an ode to Theia. Anthropologist Michael Rivera on human extinction.

Ep8: Future Conditional

Pan and Theia have a plan, but it’s a sketchy one and it’s probably going to go wrong.

S7: Daria’s Nightmare

A soundscape for Episode 7. The clash of flesh and feather in Daria’s nightmares.

T7: Would you vote for an AI government?

A talk for Episode 7. Elsa Sotiriadis on whether AI could run the country.

Ep7: Dreams of the Autopilot

Daria has a confession to make – a secret from her past

S6: Pan’s Dwindling

A soundscape for Episode 6. A full playout of Pan’s dwindling as her system shuts down.

T6: What is death in the digital age?

A talk for Episode 6. Katie Thornton on what happens to our digital selves when we die.

Ep6: A New Leaf

Theia uncovers the painful truth behind Pan’s journey.

S5: Theia's Hometown

A soundscape for Episode 5. Theia’s Hometown, the streets of St Petersburg.

T5: Will we all become cyborgs?

A talk for Ep5. Andy Miah on what cyborgs today can tell us about humanity’s future.

Ep5: Last Days of the Slow World

Theia tells Pan the story of how the old world came to an end.

S4: Woodland Walk

A soundscape for Episode 4. A British woodland thick with birdsong.

T4: Why do trees live so long?

A talk for Episode 4, when Pan sees her first ever tree. James Aldred on ancient trees.

Ep4: Of Earthly Delights

Daria and The Hands close in on Pan as they race towards the oil lake.

S3: Whale Songs

A soundscape for Episode 3. A full playout of the whale song that sent Pan to sleep.

T3: Could I live in darkness?

A talk to go with Episode 3. Herman Wijnen on life without sunlight.

Ep3: Into the Inner

Pan finds an illegal brain shop to uncover how the recordings have changed her.

S2: Frog Chorus

A soundscape for Episode 2. The chorus of frogs that Pan plays to the Interlocutor.

T2: How is the sound of the world changing?

A talk for Episode 2. Cosmo Sheldrake on how humans are changing the sound of the world.

Ep2: The Fumetown Priest

Pan goes on the run from Daria and The Hands to find answers deep down in Fumetown.

S1: Rainforest Symphony

A soundscape to go with Episode 1. The Sumatran rainforest recording that Pan finds.

T1: Why should I listen to trees?

A talk to go with Ep1. Alex Smalley on the mental health effects of being in nature.

Ep1: Life in the Fast Times

When Pan finds a 21st-century recording of a rainforest, she has no idea what it is.

Ep0: Enter The Forest

Eco-thriller starring Pearl Mackie, with theme music by Bonobo.