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A Summer of Swallows

Ep 6: Summer of Swallows - Leaving

Listeners say a bittersweet goodbye to swallows as they leave our shore.

Ep 5: Summer of Swallows - Fledging

Fledglings are learning to fly and avoid predators, like the sparrowhawk.

Ep 4: Summer of Swallows - Feeding

The chicks have arrived and they need feeding. What's for dinner?

Ep3: Summer of Swallows - Nesting

Swallows are building their nests and we are peering in.

Ep2: Summer of Swallows - Arrival

From the tip of Cornwall to the coasts of Scotland, the swallows are arriving home

Ep1: Summer of Swallows - Migration

The swallows are on their way, an epic 8,000 mile flight from South Africa. They're off!

Ep0: Summer of Swallows

Introducing A Summer of Swallows! A new podcast from Today and Radio 4

Ep12: Planet Puffin - The Puffin Rescuers

In the final episode, Becky and Emily rescue pufflings in trouble on their way to the sea

Ep11: Planet Puffin - Leaving the Nest

The last pufflings are checked over before they leave their burrows and head out to sea

Ep10: Planet Puffin - Puffin Decoys

How do you draw puffins to an island they abandoned long ago? One way is to do it loudly

Ep9: Planet Puffin - Nuffin' Like a Puffin

Writer Michael Morpurgo explains how the puffin became the last word in children's books

Ep8: Planet Puffin - The Plastic Problem

Becky and Emily explore the issue of plastic as they trawl beaches awash with waste

Ep7: Planet Puffin - Looking Beyond Cuteness

Award-winning author Adam Nicolson looks at the internal life of a bird bound in cuteness

Ep6: Planet Puffin - Netting Puffins

Becky and Emily string up a giant net to catch puffins in the name of science

Ep5: Planet Puffin - Rough Seas and a Wreck

Stormy weather scuppers Emily and Becky's return and news arrives of a wreck in Alaska

Ep4: Planet Puffin - The Seabirds' Sound Bath

Becky and Emily invite you to sink into the sound of the puffins' realm

Ep3: Planet Puffin - Grovelling for Pufflings

Becky and Emily risk puffin attacks as they grovel underground for chicks

Ep2: Planet Puffin - The Puffins’ Return

After a cold winter at sea, the puffins return to the Isle of May.

Ep1: Planet Puffin - Island Life

Emily Knight & Becky Ripley drop anchor in Scotland’s puffin paradise.

Welcome to Planet Puffin

Emily Knight & Becky Ripley follow the fortunes of a Scottish puffin colony.