BBC Radio Podcasts from After: Surviving sexual assault

After:   Surviving sexual assault

Kevin: Part 2 – Now

Kevin Marshall tells Catriona how becoming a dad helped him deal with his trauma.

Kevin: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Kevin Marshall about surviving child sexual abuse.

Nyala: Part 2 – Now

Nyala tells Catriona how understanding her own body helped her to deal with her trauma.

Nyala: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Nyala Moon about being raped 10 years ago by a man she was dating.

Winnie: Part 2 – Now

Author Winnie M Li tells Catriona about how she wrote a novel about her trauma.

Winnie: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to author Winnie M Li about surviving rape by a stranger.

Sabah: Part 2 – Now

Sabah Kaiser tells Catriona how she became a voice for survivors in the BAME community.

Sabah: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Sabah Kaiser about going into care after surviving child sexual abuse.

Melissa: Part 2 – Now

Melissa tells Catriona how embracing her queerness helped her cope with her trauma.

Melissa: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Melissa about going to court and receiving a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

Leo: Part 2 – Now

Leo tells Catriona how the BDSM community helped them after sexual assault.

Leo: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Leo about surviving sexual assault while exploring BDSM.

Moya: Part 2 – Now

Moya tells Catriona how pursuing education helped her survive child sexual abuse.

Moya: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Moya about surviving child sexual abuse as a teenager.

Tanaka: Part 2 – Now

Tanaka Mhishi tells Catriona how writing helped him survive date rape.

Tanaka: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Tanaka Mhishi about surviving date rape.

Alissa: Part 2 - Now

Alissa Anne Jeun Yi tells Catriona how comedy has helped her cope with sexual assault.

Alissa: Part 1 - Then

Catriona talks to Alissa Anne Jeun Yi about surviving rape at university.

Tom: Part 2 - Now

Tom Leavesley-Matthews tells Catriona how he copes after childhood sexual abuse.

Tom: Part 1 – Then

Catriona talks to Tom Leavesley-Matthews about surviving childhood sexual abuse.

Welcome to After: Catriona's story

Survivor of sexual assault Catriona Morton on why she's sharing fellow survivors' stories.