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The Fall of Kabul

The Biden administration defends its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It's been a blast, Americast!

"Have a good life. We will be back in some form"...

Aliens Ate My Podcast

The truth is out there... or at least it's about to be.

Putin His Foot Down

Inside the Biden and Putin summit

Summit Going On

As the G7 gets underway, we're joined by the US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan.

Guess Who's Back?

Will Trump lead the opposition to Biden?

George Floyd: One Year On

How America has changed… and how it hasn’t.


A shot and a beer in Buffalo.

Cheney Reaction

Liz Cheney ousted from House Republican leadership.


Facebook's Trump ban is upheld... for now.

Not Biden his time

What has President Biden achieved in 100 days?


Derek Chauvin is convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Anger and Protests in Minneapolis

Another black man dies at the hands of the police.


Trump finally breaks his silence over the alleged sex crimes of Congressman Gaetz.

March Madness

Biden builds bridges and Trump crashes weddings

Bolder After Boulder?

How should America tackle gun violence?


How much influence do the Irish have on American politics?


John Kerry Americanswers your questions.

Star Mangled Banner

Trump’s back – but did his CPAC appearance hit the right notes?

Status Cuomo

Has the New York Governor gone from hero to zero?

Caribbean Cruz

Winter weather devastates Texas and a political storm hits Ted Cruz's Cancun holiday.

Mitch Ado About Nothing

The Senate acquits Trump... again.

Fight Like Hell!

The impeachment trial heats up.


Inciter in Chief?

Trump’s Bit Parts

Trump quits the movies, but holds on to the GOP.

We Need to Talk about Kevin

A Republican grandee sucks up to Trump.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Triggering Trump's impeachment trial.

Americast's Got Talent with Piers Morgan

Piers judges Americast's Got Talent and tells us an incredible story about Donald Trump.

It’s Biden Time

The new president begins dismantling Trump’s legacy

DT Flown Home

Trump’s last day.

Donald and the Giant Impeach

President Trump has been impeached. Again.

United State of Emergency

President Trump calls for an 'orderly transition of power'.

Coup-nited States of America

The day the mob ruled in the US Capitol.

'Find me more votes'

Has Donald Trump committed an offence that could land him in jail?

The Americast Advent Calendar

Maitlis, Sopel and Anthony take a look back at an extraordinary year in US politics.

From Russia with Bugs

What do we know about the cyberattack on the US government?

Eau d'Americast

Perfumes, pandemic and penalties.

All Vaxxed Up

Three former presidents pledge to get the jab.

The kids’ table

Trump confirms he will leave the White House.

'I concede NOTHING!!!!!'

The transition is underway.

Democracy Dyes in Darkness

Rudy Giuliani’s losing streak.

Barack Obama's Big Book

Maitlis and Sopes dive into Barack Obama's new book with the historian, David Olusoga.

Orange is the new black

Is Trump frightened of prison?

Americast Total Landscaping

The election post-mortem

President-elect Biden & Resident Trump

Joe Biden has won the race to become the next US president.

Big Boy Pants

Is it time for Donald Trump to get real?

Voice Note from Sopes’ Apartment

The presidency is slipping away from Donald Trump. Here's a quick update from Sopes.

Act II

The Presidency rests on a knife edge. And we're back...

Hot Takes

If you’re looking for a clear answer, you ain’t getting it here…

The Boss v The King of Europe

Maitlis lands stateside and celebrity endorsements begin.

Workin’ our asses off

We’re on the home straight...


The candidates meet for a more measured debate.

Hunter Biden's Laptop

Why the media isn’t covering a story Trump wants them to.

Crazy Uncle and Sleepy Joe

The candidates compete for air time in duelling town halls.

Macho Macho Man?

Trump returns to the campaign trail.

The Debate Buzz

A fly stars in the VP debate.

Trump On Steroids

The president leaves hospital.

Blood and Oxygen

How much confidence can we have in what we’re being told about the president’s health?

The president tests positive

The president has tested positive for Covid. What does this mean for the race?

“Will you shut up man?”

An angry presidential debate.

Supreme decisions

How Trump’s Supreme Court pick could swing the election


The Supreme Court Justice has died.

America on fire

Will climate change impact the election?

Military Disservice

Will Trump's alleged comments about the armed forces impact the election?

Sir Kim Darroch

The former UK ambassador to the US.

Make America Safe Again

Biden and Trump do battle over law and order.

Saving the American Dream?

Donald Trump’s pitch for Four More Years


Barack’s attack on Trump

Unconventional Convention

The Democrats party on Zoom

Kamala Harris makes history

Joe Biden chooses his VP.

You’ve Got Mail

What will November’s socially distant election look like?

Demon Sperm

Donald Trump backs a quack doc.

Donald & Ghislaine

Why did the president "wish her well"?


Who will be Joe Biden’s running mate?

How Trump can win

He’s down, but he’s not out.

We're back!

Trump’s poll numbers are falling and coronavirus cases are rising. Americast returns.

Protests and the President

Americast returns during a momentous week in US history

Bleach Body Ready

Don't try this at home...

New York, New York

The presidency in a pandemic.

Buffet Syndrome

Coronavirus hits the race for the White House.

Not-So-Sleepy Joe

Has Joe Biden sealed the deal?

Dow Dow deeper and Dow

US stocks plummet.

Warren is Out

Elizabeth Warren drops out of the race.

Biden’s Back, ALRIGHT!

Okay, so he isn't a Backstreet Boy but he IS back.

Berning Down the House

The Bernie Sanders special

The A-Z of the US Election

It's basically Duolingo for American politics.

Who is Michael Bloomberg?

Let’s talk about Michael.

Crashing the Party

The Dems thrash it out in New Hampshire and Trump drops in.

Not Guilty

Trump is cleared by the Senate.

Raucous Caucus

A coin flips and the Democrats flop in Iowa.

Welcome to Americast!

Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel introduce their new podcast.