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Can I Disappear?

Featuring makeup Alexis Stone, SBS hardman Jason Fox, and human bloodhound Peter Bleksley

Am I a Genius?

Featuring chess badman Garry Kasparov and BAFTA-winning comedy genius Kim Noble.

Should I be an explorer?

Featuring adventurer Ed Stafford and psychedelic explorer Shane Mauss.

Is History for Wastemen?

Alhan speaks to alien theorist David Wilcock, hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg, and MC Irah.

Should I Join the SAS?

Alhan hollers SAS hero Andy McNab and Britain’s smallest boxer Likkleman.

Does Size Matter?

Featuring author of the Small Penis Bible and an animal erection expert.

How Will The World End?

Alhan speaks to astronomer Stuart Clark, apocalypse prepper Dave Jones, and ragga MC Irah

Should I be Prime Minister?

Alhan hits up political heavyweights Alastair Campbell and Count Binface.

Can I Live Forever?

Alhan dials up Aubrey de Grey, hypnotherapist Lisa Machenberg, and rappers Pete & Bas.


Alhan investigates how the global pandemic will hit our finances in the years ahead.


Content machine Alhan Gençay explores the underrated world of socially distanced hobbies.

Food + Health

Alhan Gençay gets some food and health tips to keep you in good shape in lockdown.


Alhan gets to grips with family life in the age of coronavirus. Featuring grime MC, JME

Love Life

Alhan Gençay finds out how we can keep our love lives ticking over during the pandemic.

Staying Sane

Alhan discovers how we can keep our minds healthy when everything is going sideways.

Welcome to Alhan's World

21-year-old troublemaker Alhan Gençay gives you the lowdown on the post-corona world