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Are Uganda’s children missing the classroom?

Uganda closed schools due to the pandemic in March 2020…some haven’t reopened since

Can Nigeria reign in “cult” gangs?

A network of secret societies formed in universities in the 70s

As France departs, is Mali turning to Russian mercenaries?

Does France’s troop withdrawal from Mali open the door for Russia?

Why are young South Africans voting outside racial lines?

When South Africans go to the polls can they vote outside their racial group?

12 months on from ‘End SARS’ where does Nigeria stand?

One year on from the ‘End SARS’ protests where is Nigeria heading?

What needs to be done to tackle gender based violence?

Have pandemic restrictions fueled a 'shadow pandemic' of violence in the home ?

Why are prices skyrocketing in Kenya?

Higher fuel prices have got people feeling the pinch

Why can't Kenya and Somalia sort their sea border dispute?

The two neighbours have very different ideas about their sea border

Is Congolese rumba being put on the map?

The buzzing musical genre has been around for more than 70 years

Is Africa's space age ready for blast off?

African countries plan to launch more satellites than ever over the next five years

Why do young Africans continue to care about Thomas Sankara?

More than 30 years after his death, Sankara is still cherished by people across Africa

Can extra school help students catch up?

Students have missed out on school thanks to Covid. Will extra hours help them catch up?

Are new dads in Nigeria changing?

Some new fathers in Nigeria will get two weeks off to help with the baby

Are Chinese loans still a good deal for Africa?

Chinese investment to Africa has gone through the roof…and so has the money we owe

Can new seeds help farmers beat climate change?

Unpredictable weather is making it harder to grow crops. Could new seed varieties help?

Can economic growth tempt Zimbabweans home?

After struggling for many years, Zimbabwe’s economy shows the first signs of recovery

Is this the end of cash in west Africa?

Nigeria is about to launch eNaira – a new digital currency

Is it safe to go home to Cabo Delgado?

Cabo Delgado in Mozambique has been decimated by war. When is it safe to return there?

Are open borders a new beginning for Sudan and South Sudan?

Can reopening the border bring peace and prosperity to Sudan and South Sudan

Is South African tourism due a transformation?

Decades after apartheid ended, are black South Africans still locked out of the industry?

Why is Ethiopia’s election taking so long?

With 547 constituencies nationally, many have still to vote.

Can the Earth’s core be used to power Africa?

Kenya’s geothermal power station to bring power to millions.

What’s behind the violence in Laikipia?

Kenya is still reeling from a wave of unrest being blamed on armed pastoralists.

Why are millennials becoming traditional healers?

A new generation of traditional healers is using social media to share their practices.

Is this the end of Boko Haram?

Their leader is dead, their fighters divided. What now for the militant Islamist group?

How is climate change affecting Madagascar?

The island is on the brink of the world’s first "climate change famine", says the UN.

Why is a Hollywood hero on trial in Rwanda?

The trial of “Hotel Rwanda” hero Paul Rusesabagina concludes

Is Yemi Alade the queen of Afrobeats?

How did the Nigerian singer take the world by storm?

Why is Kenya fed up with police roadblocks?

Complaints of petty corruption are forcing the Kenyan police to rethink its strategy.

Can Gambians forgive Yahya Jammeh?

The former dictator may be in exile, but his political career is not quite over yet.

Why are so many doctors leaving Nigeria?

Thousands of doctors have left Nigeria to look for better-paying jobs abroad.

How do African women talk about sex?

Across Africa, there are loads of taboos around sex. So how do women talk about it?

Is there really a vaccine apartheid?

Why are health experts warning wealthy countries against hogging Covid-19 jabs?

Why is unemployment so high in South Africa?

The number of jobless South Africans is growing. How come?

What next after Guinea’s coup?

A president deposed, soldiers at the wheel. What now for Guinea?

Why are some Ugandans without ID cards?

And why is this stopping them from accessing healthcare and other basic services?

Why are women harassed at work?

Women in African newsrooms say sexual harassment is rife. How did it get this bad?

Can all Nigerians benefit from oil?

Nigeria’s oil industry is being shaken up by a new law – but what does it all mean?

Is Africa ready for a seaweed revolution?

Does the continent have what it takes to become a leader in seaweed farming?

Could Dambe be Nigeria’s next big sport?

The combat sport is growing in popularity, amassing millions of views worldwide.

Why is child marriage on the rise again?

A new hike in child marriages is being reported, but what exactly is behind it?

Are island-states our best democracies?

Size helps with involvement of citizens in politics

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Why is Nigerian trap music hot right now?

A new wave of young rappers is trying to put Naija trap on the map. Will they make it?

How close is Zambia’s election?

Is Zambia facing its most unpredictable election since independence?

Is the death penalty on its way out?

Sierra Leone has become the latest country in Africa to get rid of the death penalty.

How has Covid affected our mental health?

Has the pandemic stretched Africa’s mental health services beyond breaking point?

Why is Rwanda fighting foreign wars?

Rwandan troops deployed in Mozambique

How’s Africa doing at the Olympics?

Covid-19, medals, and ramen. Is the Tokyo Olympics living up to all the hype?

Could Africa soon be free of malaria?

A new vaccine could help Africa eradicate malaria. How does it work?

Where is Ethiopia’s Tigray war headed?

After almost nine months of fighting, is war in Tigray about to take a new turn?

Has there been a coup in Tunisia?

The president has sacked the prime minister and suspended parliament. What now?

Do bans on plastic bags really work?

16 African countries have banned them.

Can Africa win the music streaming battle?

Music streaming has never been more popular - but can African companies profit from it?

Who’s Nigerian separatist Sunday Igboho?

And why does he want an ethnic Yoruba state in south-west Nigeria?

Why is Thomas Sankara still so popular?

Many young Africans still look up to the man described as “Africa’s Che Guevara”.

Is it time for African jewellery to shine?

Does the continent have what it takes to cash in on its jewellery-making skills?

Will Africa triumph at the Tokyo Olympics?

After a year long delay, the games start this month.

How did riots in South Africa get so bad?

Looting and violence. A level of unrest not seen in years. What’s it all about?

Why is money worth so little in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabweans are having to stretch their dollars to get by. But why is that?

Why does Uganda want to track your car?

A tracking device in every car and motorbike in Uganda. How feasible is that?

What is illegal mining doing to South Africa?

A dangerous industry that costs the country millions of dollars.

Has Tanzania changed its tune on Covid?

Has Tanzania transformed its pandemic response?

Does South Sudan have reason to celebrate?

It’s been ten years since South Sudan became an independent nation.

Is Jacob Zuma in prison yet?

The future of the former president hangs in the balance. But how did we get here?

How did food get so expensive in Nigeria?

Rising prices have made it harder for many Nigerians to fill their shopping baskets.

What now for Eswatini’s king?

Has a wave of pro-democracy protests in Eswatini brought about any change?

Is Cameroon ready for the Africa Cup of Nations?

Country to host the tournament in 2022

Who’s Nigerian separatist Nnamdi Kanu?

Biafra separatist leader Nnamdi Kanu has been arrested. What does this mean for Nigeria?

Is African animation booming?

African animation is in its infancy - but cartoons from the continent are travelling far.

Why are Eritrean Christians under pressure?

Catholic schools are being seized by the Eritrean state – but why exactly?

Why do we keep shutting down the internet?

Internet shutdowns are becoming more common in parts of Africa. How come?

Why are luxury flats in demand in Nigeria?

Luxury property boom despite a poor economy.

Can Mozambique’s insurgency be solved?

Four years of an Islamist insurgency. Mozambique’s had enough – but what’s the way out?

Can 5 million trees make a difference?

Ghana vowed to plant millions of trees to tackle climate change. Will it work?

How can drones help Togolese farmers?

Togolese farmers are trying out drones – but what difference will they make?

Why are Russian mercenaries in the CAR?

How did a private military firm from Russia end up in the Central African Republic?

Why are Uganda’s boda bodas at risk of HIV?

Young men buying sex for rides.

Is South Sudan the new king of the hoops?

South Sudan has suddenly got pretty hot at basketball. How come?

What to expect from Ethiopia’s election?

A much awaited election is about to happen in Ethiopia. Why does it matter?

Is cannabis Africa’s next big crop?

Could cannabis ever become one of Africa’s top exports?

Is climate change hurting our mental health?

Climate change is reshaping our world. But how’s it affecting our mental health?

Why is Covid on the rise again in Africa?

Concern over new infections real and rising

How is Africa doing with solar power?

Millions across Africa have no access to electricity. Could solar power be the answer?

Why are African politicians so old?

Is it time for younger generations to take charge of the continent’s fate?

Can Ivorians forgive Laurent Gbagbo?

The former president is returning to Ivory Coast. Will he get a hero’s welcome?

What’s Nigeria’s beef with Twitter?

Why has the Nigerian government put an indefinite ban on Twitter?

Why are students in eSwatini so angry?

They want justice for the alleged killing of student.

Is Goma the most dangerous place on earth?

It’s near to one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

Could Amapiano be the sound of the year?

A genre of music from South Africa that’s got everyone dancing.

Why are so many of us still unbanked?

How traditional banks struggle to reach African populations.

Who is to blame for a deadly landslide in Uganda?

Ugandans in Bushika county to challenge government in court.

What exactly does state capture look like in South Africa?

Allegations that have divided opinion in the country.

Will Nigerians ever stop paying ransoms?

Why does the Nigerian Senate want to imprison people who pay kidnap ransoms?

How did student debt get this bad?

Thousands of young Kenyans are struggling to pay off their student loans.

Why was there another coup in Mali?

It’s the second coup in less than a year. What exactly is going on in Mali?

Why are Somalis being attacked in SA?

South Africa’s Somali community says it’s being targeted – but why exactly?

Can Africa produce its own Covid vaccines?

Africa remains the least vaccinated continent

Who is Tunisia’s ‘megaphone’ politician?

She’s been called a populist, but Abir Moussi is shaking Tunisian politics to the core.

Why can’t SA women have two husbands?

South African women could soon be allowed to marry more than one man.

Is there a solution to violence in the DRC?

Can neighbouring countries help?

How bad is Africa’s debt problem?

A new financial deal for the African continent

Is this the golden age of African writing?

More and more African authors are getting published.

Can the most vaccinated nation stop Covid?

There’s been a sudden rise in the number of Covid cases in the Seychelles – but why?

Is the NBA falling in love with Africa?

The NBA is putting good money into a brand new league for African basketball.

Can illegal fishing be stopped?

Illegal fishing is costing West Africa billions of dollars – but can it ever be stopped?

Does Ghana really need fixing?

Some Ghanaians are calling on politicians to fix their country - but why exactly?

Why is there a security crisis in Nigeria?

There is pressure on President Buhari to take control.

What next for the Zulu throne?

The Zulu nation is mourning its Queen’s death, but it’s unclear who will succeed her.

Is this the end of Joseph Kony’s LRA?

Have Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army finally hit the end of the road?

Does East Africa need another oil pipeline?

Why build a major oil pipeline, when the world’s set on using less fossil fuels?

Is Ghana the new king of drill music?

Ghana’s take on drill music – called "Asakaa" – has got West Africa buzzing. Why?

How did potatoes get so expensive in Algeria?

“Shortages it hasn’t seen since the 60s or 70s”.

Why is there a deadlock in Somalia?

Delayed elections. Politicians at odds. Violence in Mogadishu. What’s Somalia come to?

Has the pandemic ruined nightlife?

Lockdowns and curfews have meant bad business for bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Why is it so hard to buy a house in Ghana?

Buying a house is a dream many young Ghanaians simply can’t afford to have. But why?

Is Malawi really done with tobacco?

Why should Malawi turn its back on its most profitable export?

Why are Covid vaccines going to waste?

Malawi and South Sudan might destroy more than 70,000 Covid-19 vaccines. Why?

Has the pandemic been all bad for business?

How did some businesses manage to turn the pandemic into an opportunity to grow?

What’s next for Chad?

Chad's on full alert after the president was reportedly killed by rebels. What now?

Why are so many teens getting pregnant?

Teenage pregnancies have increased during the pandemic. But why exactly?

Has Twitter found a new home in Ghana?

Twitter wants to expand its operation to Ghana. What’s behind the company’s move?

Why isn’t there more trade between African countries?

The African Continental Free Trade Agreement is worth trillions of dollars

How will Samia Suluhu Hassan change Tanzania?

Tanzania’s new President seems to be taking a new direction.

Should Africa be concerned about Covid-19 variants?

Why vaccines for all matter

Why should places like Nairobi be short of water?

Why is there water scarcity in Nairobi?

How should we build future African cities?

How should an African city of the future be built?

What’s happening in West Darfur?

A wave of violent attacks has killed dozens of people in Sudan’s West Darfur region.

Why is Kenya short on HIV drugs?

Why has Kenya struggled to get hold of drugs that keep people with HIV healthy?

Is Africa getting enough for its cocoa?

West Africa is feeding the world’s passion for cocoa. But are farmers being fairly paid?

Why is this Nile dam so controversial?

A massive dam in the River Nile has Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt at loggerheads. But why?

How did #EndSars change Nigeria?

Six months ago, Nigeria stood up to police brutality. Has anything changed ever since?

We’re taking a break for Easter

Alan and the team are taking a quick break for Easter. We’re back on 6 April.

Why is skin bleaching still a thing?

Skin bleaching products can be dangerous – so why aren’t they banned across the board?

Is Africa winning at video games?

There’s no shortage of talent – but can African game makers take the world by storm?

Is the pandemic forcing kids out of school?

South African children are dropping out of school – and this pandemic isn’t helping.

What to do with 400,000 people?

Kenya wants to close its two largest refugee camps. But where can people go from there?

Why is the hijab causing tension in Nigeria?

Some Christians in Kwara state don’t want Muslim students to wear a veil while at school.

Is Netflix a lifeline for African film?

Streaming African movies has never been easier – but is that good for the film industry?

Why is there an insurgency in Mozambique?

They call themselves “al-Shabab” - but who are the insurgents fighting in Cabo Delgado?

Is Africa ready for a Covid Olympics?

The pandemic is changing the face of the Olympics. How’s everyone preparing?

Does Chad have a president for life?

How did President Idriss Deby manage to stay in power for 30 years?

Do we have an obesity problem?

Enough with the snacks: Africa’s got an obesity problem. But what’s causing it?

Why are people flocking to Yemen?

Why are thousands of Africans travelling to war-torn Yemen?

Where is the Tanzanian president?

President Magufuli hasn’t been seen in public for more than two weeks. Where could he be?

What’s lockdown done to your hair?

Salons shut. DIY haircuts. How badly has the pandemic hit the hair care industry?

Why fall out over a slice of sea?

A slice of the Indian Ocean, wanted by both Kenya and Somalia. But who actually owns it?

Who’s had the most success with Covid-19?

The tips and secrets of three countries that are bringing the fight to Covid-19.

Why are Eritrean troops in Ethiopia?

Eritrea is being blamed for some of the worst violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

Why are young Senegalese so angry?

A wave of violent protests has swept through Senegal. What were they about?

Why is the Gulf of Guinea a piracy hotspot?

More and more pirate attacks area happening off the coast of West Africa. But why?

What’s stopping women leading Africa?

What needs to happen to get more women in charge?

Where are South Africa’s black dads?

Most black children in South Africa are growing up without their dads at home. Why?

How did Zambia get into so much debt?

Zambia’s debt keeps on growing, as families start feeling the pinch. Who’s to blame?

Why are locusts invading East Africa again?

Swarms of locusts are tearing through East Africa. How did they become a plague?

Tigray: Separated by silence (Guest episode)

The agony of not knowing. The Tigray diaspora cut off from their loved ones in crisis

Why are some people sceptical of Covid vaccines?

Misconceptions about Covid vaccines might stop some people from getting the jab.

Will Africa ever get rid of Ebola?

There’s a new outbreak of Ebola in Guinea. Can it be contained before it’s too late?

Why are there so many power cuts in South Africa?

Blackouts can be so annoying! So, why are there so many of them in South Africa?

Is Africa ready to talk LGBT rights? – Part 2

Your parents may still not quite get them, but online LGBT communities are buzzing.

Is Africa ready to talk LGBT rights? – Part 1

Laws may be changing, but LGBT issues are still a taboo for many across the continent.

Why are kids being kidnapped in Nigeria?

Nigerian children are being kidnapped from their schools. Who’s to blame?

How did bread get so expensive in Sudan?

Bread prices are soaring in Sudan – and people are getting restless. So, what’s going on?

Are we done with second-hand clothes?

Why are some businesses calling for all imports of second-hand clothes to be banned?

What’s going on with surrogacy in Kenya?

What are the challenges of having a baby through surrogacy in Kenya?

What’s Nigeria’s beef with cryptocurrency?

Why is the Central Bank of Nigeria cracking down on cryptocurrency accounts?

Why are Somalia’s elections taking SO long?

Somali politicians can’t decide how to elect their president. So, what’s holding them up?

What’s going on in Ethiopia’s Tigray region?

Fighting in Ethiopia’s Tigray region has been going on for 100 days – but why exactly?

How has Covid affected our mental health?

Has the pandemic stretched Africa’s mental health services beyond breaking point?

Why are farmers and herders fighting in Nigeria?

Nigeria’s cattle herders are at loggerheads with farming communities – but why?

Is caning returning to Kenyan schools?

There are calls for more discipline – and perhaps a little caning – in Kenyan schools.

Is this the golden age for Africa's beauty industry?

The opportunities and challenges for Africa’s growing beauty industry.

Has Tanzania really beaten coronavirus?

Tanzania may have decided not to roll out Covid vaccines, but has it defeated the virus?

Could a new device stop women from getting HIV?

A new antiretroviral vaginal ring is raising hopes - but how effective is it?

Is coffee the future for South Sudan?

Could coffee help South Sudan fix a broken economy, battered by years of civil war?

Why are people fleeing the CAR?

Rebels encircle the capital. The president stays put. Is a storm about to hit the CAR?

Why does South Africa keep banning alcohol?

South Africans have faced three alcohol bans since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why are Tunisians still protesting?

After two weeks of protests - and some riots - are Tunisians getting their demands heard?

Is it time to make sanitary products free?

Not being able to buy sanitary products is holding some women back – but why should it?

How dangerous is the South African Covid variant?

How prepared is southern Africa to deal with a more infectious variant of coronavirus?

Is it time for French troops to leave Mali?

Why are some Malians calling for a French anti-jihadist force to go home?

Can African farmers beat climate change?

Climate change is endangering African farmers’ livelihoods. What can they do about it?

Is Museveni’s grip on Uganda wavering?

Does President Museveni’s grip on Uganda remain as strong as ever?

How has the pandemic hit young people’s jobs?

The Covid pandemic has hit economies hard, but what has that meant for young people?

What does a new US President mean for Africa?

Donald Trump is out. Joe Biden is in. What does a new US President mean for Africa?

Why are some in the diaspora returning home?

The joys and anxieties of those in the diaspora who decided to return to Africa.

Will Africa get enough Covid vaccines?

As Covid-19 surges across Africa, will there be enough vaccines for the continent?

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