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Year ‘21

Episode 48: The Phoenix

Dr Éamon Phoenix reveals how his grandfather nearly died in the violence of 1921

Episode 47: The Courting Rituals

As legal powers transfer to Northern Ireland Declan and Tara find themselves in court.

Episode 46: The Presence of the Past.

As Armistice Day approaches the poppy emerges as a symbol of remembrance - and division

Episode 45: The Food Fight

Prime Minister Lloyd George is forced into transferring powers to Stormont

Episode 44: The Blacklist

The Belfast Boycott begins to bite with many businesses struggling to stay afloat.

Epsiode 43: The Talking Begins Part II

As talks begin, it is clear one side is vastly more experienced than the other

Episode 42: The Talking Begins

The Irish arrive in London for treaty talks - and leave a fascinating record of the trip.

Episode 41:The Parting of the Ways

The new border poses a particular problem for the rail networks

Episode 40: The National Treasures

Irish leader de Valera accepts an invitation to peace talks with the British in London

Episode 39: The Children of the Revolution

Until now, little has been known about how children were affected by the turmoil of 1921

Episode 38: The Lamplighter

A man employed to keep streetlamps lit in Belfast tells of his narrow brushes with death

Episode 37: Le Ministre

NI's first Minister of Education takes charge of a schooling system in crisis

Episode 36: The King's Guard

Listener Mary Kiely recalls her family's past brush with royalty and present-day tragedy.

Episode 36: The King's Guard

Listener Mary Kiely recalls her family's past brush with royalty and present-day tragedy.

Episode 35: The Southern Protestants

Why did so many Protestants leave Southern Ireland after partition?

Episode 34: The Religious Divide

How important was the influence of the churches in the partition of Ireland?

Episode 33: The Other Women

The history books have little to say about 1921's women. These are some of their stories.

Episode 32: The Spies

Men and women spying for Ireland get to the heart of British government

Episode 31: The Pharmacist

1921 changes everything for thousands of Irish citizens- including a Belfast pharmacist

Episode 30: The Prison Camp

Ballykinlar is chosen as the first internment camp in Ireland

Episode 29:The Truce and the Twelfth

A truce is agreed in the War of Independence as the Orange Order celebrates the Twelfth

Episode 28: The Bloodiest Day in Belfast

Seventeen die in battles between the IRA, police and loyalists in Belfast's Bloody Sunday

Episode 27: The Ambush

Four men and dozens of horses are killed in an IRA ambush near the south Armagh border

Episode 25: The District Inspector

Meet DI Nixon- alleged to be the head of a police gang carrying out reprisals in 1921

Episode 26: The King's Speech

A momentuous day for Northern Ireland as the King attends the State opening of parliament

Episode 24: The First Sitting

Northern Ireland's new MPs gather for the first sitting of the new Parliament in Belfast.

Episode 23: The Burning of the Custom House

A vivid eyewitness account to a key event in Ireland's War of Independence

Episode 22: The North Poll

The people of Northern Ireland finally get their say in the State's very first election

Episode 21: The Periodicals

As elections are being held north and south, how are British newspapers reporting events?

Episode 20: The Numbers Game

Politicians are preparing for an election. Well, two, actually…one for each parliament

Episode 19: The Big Day?

On the week in which some historians say NI came into being, Craig and de Valera meet.

Episode 18: The Long Fellow

Hero or villain, it’s impossible to overestimate the influence of Eamon de Valera

Episode 17: The Lawmakers and the Lawbreakers

Politicians in Westminster breathe a sigh of relief over “The Irish Question”

Episode 16: The Belfast Pogrom

Belfast is midway through a terror campaign in which almost 500 people will die

Episode 15: The First PM

How James Craig came to be the architect and the first Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

Episode 14: The Yard

The expulsion of thousands of workers from Belfast shipyard sparks sectarian warfare

Episode 13: The 'Lost' Counties

Why three counties of Ulster are left behind as the new Northern Ireland is created.

EPISODE 12: The Beautiful Game

One hundred years ago, soccer became a political football in the run up to partition.

Episode 11: The Barracks Boys

Who was in charge of policing in Ireland in 1921?

Episode 10: The Big Fellow

Revolutionary, soldier, strategist, politician - the many sides of Michael Collins

Episode 9: The Doctor and the Lion King

Tara and Declan learn about those involved in the spiralling violence across Ireland.

Episode 8: The Big Picture

Tara and Declan go to the cinema – not for the main feature, but to watch the newsreels.

Episode 7: The Priest Hunter

The rise and fall of the political career of leading light of nationalism, Joseph Devlin

Episode 6: The Lady

Tara and Declan hear about the English aristocrat who travelled to the Shankill Road

Episode 5: The Witness

Three policemen are shot in an attack key to the growth of the IRA in Belfast

Episode 4: The Uncrowned King of Ulster

Declan and Tara look back at the life and death of Sir Edward Carson.

Episode 3: The Backstop

How the threat of Home Rule led to a divide in unionism in Ireland

Episode 2: The Midwife

The story of how a little-known civil servant was key to creating Northern Ireland

Episode 1: The Table

Declan Harvey and Tara Mills tell the story of the creation of Northern Ireland.

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