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Alright, pet?

Frisky ferrets and portly pets

Actor Ben Miller on why his black Russian terrior is his muse & fancy a frisky ferret?

Goofy greyhounds and dental dilemmas

Pauline McLynn talks greyhounds & bald chickens plus dental help & why cats are fab pets

Sensitive skin and anxious animals

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on making your home pet friendly and helping anxious animals

Amorous animals and annoying anal glands

Eamonn Holmes talks of his devotion to his dog & what to do if your pet gets too friendly

Pampered pussies and heroic hounds

Presenter Owain Wyn Evans professes love for his cat Franny & the story of Fabulous Finn

Porky pigs and piddling pets

Dom Joly tells us why pigs make great pets & vet Rob Adams discusses leaky cats and dogs

A quick sniff of ‘Alright, pet?’

A quick sniff at the brand new pet podcast presented by Anne-Marie Wallace and Rob Adams.