BBC Radio Podcasts from A Wish for Afghanistan

A Wish for Afghanistan

8. The musicians

Keeping music alive under the Taliban - a young pianist and a cellist tell their story

7. The doctor

Living with the Taliban - the female doctor who celebrated the Taliban takeover

6. The journalist

Holding the Taliban to account – Afghanistan’s top TV journalist

5. The advocate

Forced to flee the Taliban - the female human rights advocate and the power of education

4. The negotiator

Face to face with the Taliban - peacemaker, advocate and negotiator, Fatima Gailani

3. The president

Networker, survivor, Afghanistan's former leader, Hamid Karzai

2. The Talib

Founding member, ambassador, prisoner – in the Taliban’s inner circle at the very start

1. The envoy

Talking to the Taliban – the US diplomat who negotiated the American pull-out


The fate of a nation has changed. Decades of war have shaped its people