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Yaesu FT-818 details emerge (and beware of the fake “leaked” photo!)

I’ve been following news about the Yaesu FT-818: the next iteration of the venerable Yaesu FT-817ND QRP general coverage transceiver. The FT-817 series has been on the market for nearly two decades. I remember purchasing one of the first production models when I lived in the UK in 2001. It was a revolutionary radio at […]

Video: CME’s and Solar Energetic Particles

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, TomL, who writes: Regarding the last couple of posts recently about what affects Space Weather (and HF radio communications), this talk last week from Solar scientist Joan Burkepile of the High Altitude Observatory discusses what causes Radiation storms from Coronal Mass Ejections. She makes it interesting from a physics […]

The XHDATA D-808 and longwave: how to build an effective antenna

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mad Radio DXer, who writes: I said I would share my results for attempting to receive LW signals on the XHDATA D-808, & if I can use a longwire to improve reception on this radio. This was after posting videos when I used around 50 metres of longwire connected […]

Seyfi is seeking Harris RF 505A documentation

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Seyfi Genç, who writes: I’m a strict follower of your blog and of course a SW listener and HAM (TA2MOK) from Istanbul Turkey. I bought a Harris RF 505A last week for just $30 US! I need to datasheet to repair it.  I didn’t find it on internet. Thank you. […]

External Ferrite Antenna by playloudfm

Posted by SWLing Post contributor Troy Riedel: I just noticed something on eBay.  Seller “playloudfm” based in Greece (100% feedback rating), the first to offer the high gain external ferrite antenna for the Tecsun PL-360/PL-365/County Comm GP5, has a new offering: From the seller’s listing: – Frequency: 530Khz – 1710Khz – Tunable – Passive, No […]

From the Isle of Music & Uncle Bill’s Melting Pot, Feb 25-Mar 3

From the Isle of Music, February 25-March 3, 2018 Part 1 of 2 parts This week and next, our special guest is saxophonist/composer/bandleader Alexey León, 1st Place winner in the Interpretation category at JoJazz 2017. He already has a very impressive musical resume, and in one of our rare interviews in English, we’ll talk about […]

Kamchatka broadcasting on shortwave

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralf Bender, who writes: Here a link to a German radio station website, which yesterday released that a Russian broadcaster is back on air. In times when many broadcasters/stations are closed [this is] good news. Here there original German website: And here with automatic Google translation: Kamchatka on shortwave […]

Radio Deal: Grundig Executive Satellit Radio Half Price Sale

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Ralph (AJ4BI), who writes I absolutely love your blog! Herrington is having a half-price sale on their Grundig Executive Satellit for $99.95 Click here to view the deal. Frys has dropped the price to $81.91. They now appear to be only available through the local Frys stores. Thanks for the […]

Video: Guide to using SDR-Console V3 remotely

Many thanks to Jon Hudson at SDRplay who produced the following excellent instructional video about setting up SDR-Console V3 for remote use. Jon writes: For SDR Console users, this video guide shows you how to access other people’s SDRs and how to add your own. If you are wanting to add your own SDR for […]

TheReportOfTheWeek talks shortwave radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Grant Porter, who notes that YouTube reviewer TheReportOfTheWeek talks his obsession with shortwave radio in his latest episode: Click here to view this video on YouTube. Note that the TheReportOfTheWeek produces a weekly shortwave radio show called VORW International. Check out his schedule is below: THURSDAY VORW Radio Broadcasts: […]