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The Listener's Guide is an online version of a shortwave radio book written by Bob Ellis for Lowe Electronics in the 1980s.

This site also includes advertising copy written for AOR UK and a series of articles first seen in Shortwave Magazine. They appear here by kind permission of the original publishers.

Shortwave radio is in decline so pages are no longer updated and are held here for reference only.

News And Programme Information Via RSS

Really Simple Syndication is a way of delivering summaries of regularly changing web content from big players such as the BBC and VOA. RSS allows you to stay informed by retrieving summaries of the latest content. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually, they compile their latest information and make it available on The Guide.

BBC Radio Programme Listings

These are curated from RSS feeds, a legacy of the BBC Backstage Project. Text and image links will take you to back to BBC programme pages or link to a download.

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The Listener's Guide is a radio fan site and not a part of the BBC

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