VLF Radio Station Grimeton SAQ

We Say

Mechanical transmitter down on 17.2 kHz in Sweden.

They Say

My visit to the unique Grimeton SAQ transatlantic radio station in Grimeton, Varberg, Sweden.

This World Heritage radio station was built in 1924, in the pre-electronics era. Instead, it generates its 17.2 kHz carrier wave by purely mechanical means, using a huge high-speed alternating current generator (an Alexanderson Alternator).

It is the only such device left in the world, and it is fully operable.
It is started a few times a year, and it is a wonderful experience to see it
come to life. I visit the station at least once a year for this.
This video was shot on July 3, 2011, and features startup, transmission and
shutdown of the machine by the local enthusiasts, many of them former employees of the station, who still care for the unique machinery.