AR88 - Just Tuning Around

We Say

We still miss our AR88, seen by many as something above a mere classic receiver.

They Say

Bandcruising with a RCA AR-88 . The RCA AR-88 in one of my favourite receivers. I0MZR has completely refurbished this unit and it works maybe better than new. The precision of the scale is astounding. You can see in the last part of the video the 10mhz atom clock reference frequency that is perfectly centered on the scale. All over the bands and at the beginning or ending of the logging scale there is a maximum error of a few khz.. is incredible on a 70 years old receiver. The audio quality , stability , sensibility and selectivity of this receiver are incredibly good. Comparing the performance if this benemoth with a good modern receiver show that the ar-88 performance are still top notch.
I can pass hours listening to hams or bc band with this piece of art.