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Media Archive - Hallicrafters SX-28 Shortwave Receiver

Hallicrafters PM-23 Speaker is not a re-paint, and is all original paint as determined by microscopic inspection. I suspect green grill color was for a store or trade show display. SX-28 has had the serial plate removed to facilitate an antenna port by some past owner, however, all hardware details indicate this unit to be either a very late 1940 or early 1941 production serial number. The key giveaway is the extremely faded red numerals indicating the amateur bands on the main tuning dial and other hardware indicators based on the engineering change orders at the SX-28 Notes website at thanks to Henry Rogers - W7HTR. Please Note the rich audio on the Hallicrafters PM-23 Speaker, hearing Christmas 2008 music, from WYFR , via AM station KEAR (610kc, (KHz) located in San Francisco, California.

All capacitors inside this 1941 SX-28 have been replaced, bad resistors replaced, and the receiver has been fully aligned to provide top performance (better techs naturally can improve upon performance). It receives clearly, RF shortwave stations on all bands, even the highest band at 21-42 mc (MHz).

Listen to and enjoy Radio was as it would have been heard back, then over 57 years ago.


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