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Media Archive - Homemade Shortwave Receiver With ECC81/12AT7 Valves

My new homemade shortwave receiver with ECC81 / 12AT7 tubes

It is a simple shortwave receiver.

The original idea is from PE0RIG and I made some minor changes, I changed the coil-diameter to 22 mm by using a standard coupler tube from the DIY-shop.
The tuning capacitor is now 100 pF instead 47 pF so I can tune the receiver over a wider spectrum. The output transformer is a 220V-9V transformer.

The power supply is nothing special, just straightforward. I added an extra resistor of 100 kOhm to unload the capacitors when the receiver is in his off position.

The schematics are down here.

Link schematics Receiver :

Link schematics Power supply :

Link PE0RIG on YouTube :

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