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Radio Northsea International was without doubt the most remarkable of all the off-shore radio stations. In it's four year life, the 570 tonne radio ship Mebo II survived hijack attempts, jamming signals, allegations of espionage, a fire bomb attack, and several broken anchor chains. After the Dutch Government out-lawed broadcasting from its waters in 1974, Radio NorthSea closed down. The ship was later sold to Libya, and was eventually sunk in the Gulf of Sidra.

In July 2008 the name R.N.I / Radio NorthSea International was revived by Garry Stevens and a dedicated team in both the UK, Holland, and Germany as an online radio station. RNI's format is automated oldies during the week, with live or otherwise hosted programmes at the weekends. The stations output is available worldwide, 24hrs/day via several high-quality webstreams, full information is available on the RNI Website:

On behalf of Radio Northsea International, I have produced this short documentary, featuring off-air recordings of some of the significant events in the life of the station.

The large number of images and video clips used in this presentation were all found in the public domain. Copyrighted audio clips and images are used here according to the rules of fair use and academic quoting in a not-for-profit, educational context. Where known, copyright and authorship is acknowledged at the end of the presentation.

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