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Media Archive - Clansman PRC-320 Manpack Radio

Here it is...My review of the Clansman PRC-320 A.K.A,. the Plessey UK/RT-320 made in England for the British Army.
3 watts low power 30 watts high power.
2.7khz CW/USB, 6khz AM ,250hz narrow CW
AM , CW/N and USB make this a fun radio to operate.
2mhz - 30mhz operation
Don't be worried about the 3 watts... its plenty to make contacts...
The Lack of LSB is the only bain
Sorry It took so long... hope its not too boring..
73 de M0VST - Mark

This radio has been away for repair for nearly 2 years... I would not bother..

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