The Shortwave Listening Guide - ATC Section

HF Air Traffic Control Frequencies

Our shortwave logbook with ATC and their relationship with other services on HF.

Shanwick OCA - Targeting Risk With Trackwise

This complete video has been produced as part of a joint partnership between NATS and the Safety Partnership Agreement.

Air Traffic Control In Europe

Europe's air traffic controllers guide over 30,000 flights a day from their departure gate to their destination. How are they trained and what tools do they use?

Heathrow Airport Tower Visit

Includes an air traffic control soundtrack from one of the world's busiest airports.

Air Traffic Control Introduction

A video by NATS on the task of keeping our skies safe.

CPDLC - Chicago Jet Group First flight

This must have seemed strange after a lifetime of voice comms.

Shanwick Oceanic Operation - An Overview

While we are flying up here, good to know they are down there.

HF Air Traffic Control And VOLMET

By far the most popular page in The Guide, listening to aircraft needs some skill.