The Shortwave Listening Guide - BBC Section

History of the Shipping Forecast

We look at the history of the Met Office shipping forecast.

Wake Up to Wogan - 13 June 2005

The start of new week and news that Terry is to receive a knighthood prompts his listeners to write and email in.

BBC Monitoring Promo Video - 1985

You have to go back to the 80s for shortwave to be a real part of media monitoring. Today, the focus is digital communication.

Much Binding In The Marsh

Ground-breaking 1940s BBC Radio comedy programme saved from a damaged Transcription Services record.

Caversham Park Tour Before It Closes

BBC Monitoring, a historical BBC World Service department which has been monitoring some of the world’s most seismic events for 75 years.

This Is London

BBC World Service Lillibolero station ident with the pips on a good reception day and a good old-fashioned announcer.

BBC Man Alive - The Disc Jockeys

When Auntie BBC put on a kaftan and beads and entered the pop age, a 1970 analysis of UK pop radio.

Noel Edmonds Versus John Snagge

Contrasting the old BBC announcer world of John Snagge with that of his counterpart, Noel Edmonds.

BBC Training Video From 1982

Showing the work of Studio Managers, Technical Operators and the broadcast systems of the time.

Terry Wogan Hands Over To Ken Bruce

The wonderful chat heard daily on BBC Radio 2 as Ken Bruce tries to take control.

Shipping Forecast From BBC Radio 4LW

The inshore forecast and closedown read by Eugene Fraser. We wonder how long long-wave has to go in the digital age.

Antiques Roadtrip Visits Washford Radio Museum

BBC's Antiques Roadtrip looks at radio history while we look at the classic broadcast equipment in shot.

BBC Radio 4 Shipping Forecast

The only time that the shipping forecast has been read on both radio and tv as part of the Arena Radio Night in 1993.

Farewell To James Naughtie

Clips from the Today programme as James Naughtie signs off.

Tribute to Peter Donaldson

Clip from the Today programme celebrating the life of a respected BBC Radio 4 announcer.

Charlotte Green Gets The Giggles

It's the worst thing that can happen to a much-loved newsreader. Anything can set you off and once you have started to laugh, trying to stop makes it worse.

Voice Of Radio One Jingle

The first ever jingle heard on BBC Radio One, in those days medium-wave only on 247 metres.

Shipping Forecast - BBC Radio 4

The BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast is a British institution and still relevant for today's mariners.

John Peel On BBC World Service In 2003

John Peel and his BBC World Service producer Bobby Seiler being interviewed on Write On.

Radio Transmitter That Changed Our World

A video about how the British Broadcasting Company began with Station 2LO.

BBC World Service Promotions And Trailers

A selection of music that has been used for BBC World Service promotions and trailers.

BBC World Service Idents Over The Years

Listen as the BBC stops being your auntie and becomes more of a friend.

Hang-on, I'll Speak to the World

Wonderfully dated look inside the BBC World Service.

Goon Show Reunion - 1966

Taken from Secombe And Friends via ARTV, a few minutes of classic comedy lovingly restored.

Ninety Years of BBC Radio In Ninety Minutes

Some rainy day viewing. Settle down and enjoy with tea and biscuits.

BBC World Service - Lilliburlero

A good old-fashioned continuity announcement with pips in 1995.

BBC Woofferton Transmitting Station

A great name with a great history. Still a DAB site.