The Shortwave Listening Guide - Heritage Section

Hallicrafters Shortwave Radio - Winning WWII With Technology

In 1944, this short film was produced by the Jam Handy Organization and sponsored by the Hallicrafters. It shows the construction of the SCR-299 and dramatizes its use during World War II.

Shortwave Radio Stations 1975-1980

Some shortwave radio stations receivable in Australia in the late 1970's.

Manufacture Of Radio Valves By Mullard

A great look at how Mullard Thermionic Valves are made. Produced in the 1950's showing some great footage of valves being made.

Standing Inside a Broadcast Transmitter While It's ON!

See inside a Gates BC-250-GY broadcast transmitter from the 40's era. Lots of big Tubes, Transformers and Capacitors!

Rockwell Collins KWM 380 Explained

The KWM 380 was the last ham radio that Collins ever sold, because it was simply too expensive for the average radio ham.

Hammarlund HQ-140-X Repair And Restoration

Everything you need to know about the Hammarlund HQ-140-X Receiver and more in one video.

Codar CR45 In Action

Codar CR45 regenerative valve receiver on the 7Mhz Amateur Band and adjacent Broadcast Band around 1900 UTC.

Hammarlund SP-600 JX-12 R-274A/FRR Receiver

The full designation for this Army Signal Corp receiver with one of the highest specifications of the valve era.

Codar CR70 Receiver

Not the best radio ever made but a great introduction to shortwave listening.

Wolfman Jack On AFN

The iconic DJ howls his way through his show on the American Forces Network.

Radio Valves - A Modern Aladdin's Lamp

From the AT and T Archives, an introduction to radio valves from about 1940.

Transistors - A 1953 Documentary

Made between the 1947 invention of the transistor at Bell Labs and the 1956 awarding of the Nobel Prize for Physics to its creators, this documentary is less about the discovery itself than its anticipated impact on technology and society.

This Is Radio Free Europe In 1964

This film gives an overview of RFL's news-gathering, audience research and transmission operations in Germany and Portugal.

RAF Flightwatch - Architect

QNH readings around UK bases reported as part of an airfield status update. Perfect for setting your barometer.

Willis Conover Remembered

Willis Conover was the jazz presenter on the Voice Of America. In this clip, news of an archive of his work.

Portishead Radio Interview On HTV

Local news item from the mid 1980s, showing the work of Portishead Radio and an interview with station manager Ernie Croskell.

Media Network Receiver Review 1998

As early as 1998, dealers were uncertain about the future of shortwave radio.

SAQ VLF Transmitter In Operation

This film shows the start-up of the transmitter and the transmission of a message, filmed on Alexanderson Day 2015.

Crystals Go to War In 1943

The preparation and manufacture of quartz crystals for radio communications during World War II.

Long-Wave Radio - The Long Goodbye

Long wave radio is an expensive luxury as listeners move to new technology.

Spy Radio in World War II

Video about the Strategic Service Transmitter-Receiver Number 1 from around 1943.

Classic Military Receivers

We look back on some of the great army surplus sets that made the amateur radio hobby.

Lowe Electronics Classic Receivers

We look back on some of the great sets from a great company.

Goodbye To Bush House - Part One

John Tusa presents memories and archive about the BBC World Service in Bush House, from 1941 to leaving Bush House in 2012.

Goodbye To Bush House - Part Two

John Tusa presents more memories and archive about the BBC World Service in Bush House.

Wireless World Of Gerry Wells

Guru, boffin, eccentric and genius, Gerry Wells is obsessed with radio. It is a fixation that has got him into trouble with the law, but ultimately radio has been his saviour.

Newsreader's Bad Day At The Office

Reading the news at 3AW Australia is stressful enough without getting hiccups.

Number Stations From NPR

Still heard across the shortwave bands, a look at the history of number stations from National Public Radio.

Media Network Looks At BFBS Radio

British Forces Broadcasting Service reviewed at a time when it still had a voice on shortwave.

UVB-76 - The Buzzer On 4625kHz

The change of callsign from UVB-76 to MDZhB will have done nothing for the conspiracy theorists who wrongly believe that if this signal leaves the air, war begins.

Radio Prague Signs Off Shortwave

The history is available online but the joy of coming across an interesting programme while listening around is lost to us.

Radio Northsea International Testing On Shortwave

Radio Northsea International sounded fantastic on 49 metres back then, perhaps a little too close to international distress frequencies.

Two Bobs In 2010 From SRI

In a special programme, The Two Bobs look back over two lifetimes on-air in both broadcasting and amateur radio.

Media Network from 1983

Burst Of The Worst. When things go wrong at Radio Netherlands, they make us smile by broadcasting their falls from grace.

Media Network from 2000

Receiver Review and DAB. Lowe Electronics would have come up with something new and Media Network would report on it with honesty and integrity.

Radio Netherlands International Farewell

All those years we enjoyed solid reception on 5955kHz late in the afternoon, it took time to get used to the silence.

Radio Netherlands - The Last Six Minutes

So much history, so long the silence. Sadly, the online version simply does not compete with the variety available elsewhere.

End Of Switzerland On Medium Wave

We are getting used to shortwave stations leaving the air but it was Switzerland who lead the current rush to close down AM Radio across Europe.

Two Bobs Tech Talk First Heard On SRI

Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti, better known as The Two Bobs of Swiss Radio International, were the cornerstone of Saturday morning shortwave listening.

Two Bobs On Switzerland In Sound

Switzerland In Sound is the archive site for The Two Bobs on Swiss Radio International.

Two Bobs On The Last Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round

Swiss Shortwave Merry-Go-Round taught us all we needed to know, presented with quiet authority. It was what international broadcasting was all about.

Two Bobs On The Schwarzenburg Transmitter Closure

Honest and frank as ever, Bob Thomann and Bob Zanotti look at the reality of running a transmitter site.

Commemorating World War One At The Marconi Centre

The centenary of the outbreak of World War One at the Marconi Centre Poldhu as reported by BBC News.

Morse Code Radio Operator Training

The Technique of Hand Sending is explained in this 1944 US Navy information film.

Navy Marine Collins TCS Set In Action

Recorded at a Military Radio Collectors Association mini-meet at former Signal Corps Fort Monmouth E Evans Signal Lab in Belmar NJ, now the InfoAge Science And History Museum.

Scott Marine Radio Playing The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Using a small AM transmitter to get an idea what it was like listening in back then.

Racal 1792 HF Receiver Revisited

Still regarded as the best and most usable from the Racal stable.

Shortwave Radio In World War II - Voice Of Victory

Tells the story of how Hallicrafters developed the WWII SCR299 military shortwave radio from the pre-war HT-4 amateur ham radio transmitter.

Racal RA17 - Tuning The Bands In November 2014

Tuning around the shortwave broadcast and ham bands using a Wellbrook loop aerial.

Capital Radio 194 - More Jingles, DJs and Adverts

Classic jingles and radio commercials from the golden age of Capital Radio plus clips of Kenny Everett, Michael Aspel, Dave Cash and Duncan Johnson.

Radio Northsea International Story

In its four year life, the Mebo II survived hijack attempts, jamming signals, allegations of espionage, a fire bomb attack and several broken anchor chains.

Radio North Sea International Jingles

A selection of RNI jingles and the station theme Man of Action.

Radio London Story

Recorded with Philip Birch in 1980 at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, this is the story of Big L, Wonderful Radio London.

Pirate Radio to Podcasting

BBC World Service programme heard on 28 November 2010 about Radio Caroline.

New Zealand Shortwave Communications In 1939

Wonderful film about communications in New Zealand on shortwave using Morse Code.

Hammarlund HQ150 Shortwave Radio Receiver

Demo of a Hammarlund HQ150 Receiver. Great for Shortwave listening or Ham use.

Shortwave Radio Listening In 1999

The earliest known version of The Listener's Guide from the book of the same name.

AFN - American Forces Network History

Late-night listening to AFN on 873kHz was our musical education.

AR88 - Just Tuning Around

We still miss our AR88, seen by many as something above a mere classic receiver.

VLF Radio Station Grimeton SAQ

Mechanical transmitter down on 17.2 kHz in Sweden.

Marconi R1155 Communications Receiver

Top choice for listening in a Lancaster bomber.

Pye PCR2 Communications Receiver

A military-specification domestic radio for entertaining the troops.

Eddystone EC958 HF Receiver

As good as it got for Eddystone in the analogue era.

Birth of Radar

A group of pioneers explain the technology that changed the war.

Clansman PRC-320 Manpack Radio

Solid kit, but can it really work as a ham station?

Collins Receiver - Tuning Around

The simple pleasure of listening to a classic communications receiver.

Hallicrafters SX-28 Shortwave Receiver

A simple pleasure, shortwave on a classic receiver.

Using The JRC NRD-515

Owners of JRC products swear by them but it is a while ago now.

RACAL RA1772 - Best HF Receiver

A great receiver getting harder to maintain these days.

Yaesu FRG-7 And Home-Made RTTY Decoder

The owner seems shocked that it still works. We are glad it did.

Fun With Radio Valves

Long before the internet, we would experiment with getting the best out of a costly valve.

AR7030 From AOR Reviewed

The standard AR7030 receiver has been awarded a five star rating.