The Shortwave Listening Guide - Knowledge Section

Marconi CR100 Hybrid SDR Receiver

Marconi CR100 dials and buttons now control an SDRplay RSP1 SDR running HDSDR.

AR7030 Versus Perseus SDR

Gives you an idea of how far analogue design has come and if we are honest, we prefer knobs to a mouse.

AR7030 Plus User Guide

Our main receiver at The Listener's Guide and one that's hard to beat.

Television - The Secret Life Of Machines

The Secret Life Of Machines was a TV series made for Channel 4 and also shown on the Discovery Channel. The series was written and presented by Tim Hunkin.

Radio - The Secret Life Of Machines

Any electrical spark creates radio waves and acts as a transmitter. See how this lead to the radio we enjoy today.

Leap Second Debate From The National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory's Peter Whibberley discusses the effect of the Leap Second.

Homemade Shortwave Receiver With ECC81/12AT7 Valves

The endless appeal of the simple regenerative receiver.

Magnetic Loop Receiving Antenna

Liked for low noise and directional properties against interference.

Magnetic Loop Antenna - Indoor 100 watt For 7MHz

Allowing amateur radio operation from an apartment or balcony.

Single-Valve Regenerative Receiver

This back-to-basics radio really performs and sounds good too.

Three-Valve Ham Radio Receiver

Lots of fun if the bands are not too crowded and you are not expecting DX.

Build A Radio In Less Than One Minute

A bit of an over-statement but a lot of fun.

How Radio Works - 1943

And good to know it still works that way, even to your mobile device.

Radio Receiver Design

John Wilson takes a lesson from history.

Racal RA17

A change of design is needed to improve the performance of HF receivers.