The Shortwave Listening Guide - Review Section

Radio - Something We Forgot To Remember

Admit to anything but never say you are a radio listener.

Sony ICF2001 Versus The Hammarlund SP600

Great to see these classic receivers in a rather unfair competition.

You Have Your Say About The Listener's Guide

Over the years, we have collected a few nice comments. Oddly, the nasty ones don't appear here.

Day In The Life Of Sixty Metres

We did not mean to spend so much time on the 5 MHz Band but we were hooked.

Marconi - Have I Done The World Good or Have I Added A Menace?

So said Marconi, the inventor of radio. It turns out he was not alone.

Clueless Without Humph

We remember Humphrey Lyttelton, John Peel, Alan Coren and Spike Milligan.

John Peel Remembered

John stumbled into radio, almost by accident, because of his enthusiasm for music.

Alan Coren Remembered

For this listener, Alan Coren was the voice of The News Quiz.

Spike Milligan Remembered

Spike Milligan died having fulfilled his greatest ambition.

Short Wave Magazine

We remember a long-gone radio journal and our contribution to it.

How To Ruin Perfectly Good Radio Receivers

We take a break to remember a childhood spent spoiling the classics.

Life And Times At Lowe Electronics

We remember wonderful days up at The Emporium.

Hospital Radio - Who Listens These Days?

We wrote a couple of articles for the radio trade press that helped our career no end.

Articles Written For AOR UK

We remember a long-gone radio company and our contribution to it.