The Shortwave Listening Guide - Shortwave Section

Wireless Nights - Megahertz

Jarvis Cocker on a night voyage across a sea of shortwave he meets those who broadcast, monitor and harvest electronic radio transmissions after dark.

Radio Australia - The Last Two Minutes - January 31, 2017

The deed is done. The switch has been flicked off and the plug has been pulled. Radio Australia ended its shortwave broadcasts at 0100 UTC on January 31, 2107.

Discovering Secret Numbers Stations

Brian and Jason have been scanning the air waves for SSTV signals for two months, but what they found was something else - an old standby from the Cold War.

Radio New Zealand International During The Wee Hours

Oxygene IV by Jean Michel Jarre heard via Radio New Zealand International on 9700kHz on a Hammarlund SP-600 JX-21.

NOVO - The Shortwaves Album Video Trailer

Great audio video montage recalling shortwave radio history released on Alfa-Matrix Records.

Atmospherics - Listen To The Radio by Tom Robinson

An evocative song that captures the simple pleasure of listening to distant radio stations.

Storm Clouds Gather Over Shortwave Radio

Hard to admit it, but these days we do most of our listening online.

Shortwave Numbers Station

One of many Numbers Stations logged by The Conet Project.

All India Radio Signature Tune

Possible the most evocative interval signals heard on shortwave.

Shortwave Radio Propagation Forecast Terms

A detailed list of technical terms used in solar forecasting.

CHU Canada Time And Frequency Standard

Counting off the seconds, we wonder how long these stations have got as GPS Time becomes universal.

Skelton HF Transmitting Station

Made for the BBC's One Show, Skelton Short-Wave Transmitting Station - Its Role in WWII and the Cold War.

HF Weather Fax On An Android Device

This video shows an Android tablet decoding and displaying HF weather fax from on a shortwave radio.

Strangest Thing On SDR Radio

While trying to figure out SDRPlay's Radio Spectrum Processor, we came across the most unusual transmission on one of the Amateur HF bands.

Very Low Frequency Radio

A world of radio listening on the longest of long-waves.

UVB-76 Transmitter Site Near Saint Petersburg In Russia

Fading in at dusk in the UK, The Buzzer can be heard on 4625kHz every evening leaving us to ask why.

VLF Radio - Whistlers

If you tune a radio a long way below Long Wave, you come across the very strange world of Very Low Frequency radio.

VLF Radio - Tweaks

A world of time signals, very slow data communications with submarines and where the effects of the weather produce strange signals.

Love Death And Short Wave

Definitive Cold War shortwave radio memoir of The Years of Listening Dangerously by Jeff K1NSS.

Shortwave Radio is Dead! NOT

After months of listening to me whine about the poor reception on shortwave radio, the bands are popping with stations tonight.

VLF Radio Signals - Using A PC Sound Card To Listen

Connect an antenna to your computer's microphone input and you can hear VLF radio signals.

Premium Shortwave Receiver Comparison

Using Radio Pyongyang, Dan Robinson comparing his Sony ICF-6800 with the JRC NRD-301A, Eddystone 1650/9, RFT EKD-515, Drake R7A and the WJ8718A/MFP.

Listening For Australia On A Lowe HF 150

The HF150 is still our radio of choice for listening around the bands.

DRM - The Future of Radio

A short talk on how Digital Radio Mondiale will save us all.

DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale Explained

This corporate video promoting DRM leaves us wanting more as we are listening online now.

Shortwave Numbers Stations - Behind The Static

An introduction to the mysterious numbers stations that roam the shortwave band.

Shortwave Radio Oddity Roundup

These mysterious broadcasts are found on shortwave bands with no definite purpose.

Software Defined Radio Demonstration

Good introduction to SDR. Our communication receiver is now just another app.

Dipole Aerial for Shortwave Listening

Add a bit of gain over the traditional long-wire.

Using The JRC NRD 545 DSP

Digital Signal Processing is the future, just set it up well.

Sony ICF-2001D - Outdoor Shortwave DXing

We do sometimes come out into the daylight but not for long.

Software Defined Radio - DRM and AM Radio Compared

Software Defined Radio makes high-specification receivers affordable at last.

VLF Rugby Radio

Is there a place for Very Low Frequency technology these days?

Fifty Shades of Grey-Line Propagation

HF communication is dependent on radiation coming from the sun.

Is Shortwave Listening For Me?

We feel we should ask as there are so many other ways to listen.

Measuring Radio Signal Strength

Never get too pedantic about S Meter readings.

Radio Reception Reporting

Offer a simple reception report by readability, strength and tone.

Simple Six-Band Shortwave Receiving Antenna

The Six-Band Sagger is an aerial system and not a medical condition.

Shortwave Radio Questions Answered

We present a Listeners Charter to be quietly ignored.

Long-Wire Shortwave Listening Antenna

A radio is only as good as the antenna it uses.

Dealing With Shortwave Radio Interference

Something will always set out to spoil our listening pleasure.

Playing Safe With A Shortwave Radio

For a good earth connection, the answer lies in the soil.

Antenna Tuning Units For Shortwave Listening

Make the antenna connection to your radio a match made in heaven.

Shortwave Radio Gets You News As It Happens

Nation shall speak peace unto nation, they say.

Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Signals

Used over HF radio circuits to assist mobile communications.

Shortwave Listening Logbook

As broadcast stations closed, we moved towards listing amateur, marine, search and rescue, aeronautical and some military frequencies still operating on HF.